Our birth.

Sea Legs Media is owned and operated by Brian Watson and Jacob Bailey. In 2011, after years of unorganized free-lance work, we got serious about media.  With a little luck, a lot of hustle, and a relentless desire to tell good yarn, we turned what was just a hobby into a full-fledged film production company. In the past couple of years we have produced more 60 short films and gained experience in a wide variety of industries. Our portfolio includes work for non-profits and large commercial clients, as well as a selection of small-scale local businesses. 

Our method.

Curiosity may kill cats, but it makes for damn good storytelling.  Curiosity drives our process. No matter what projects our clients bring to us we are committed to investing the time necessary to fully understand their goals and catch their vision.  This allows us to tell their story well and more importantly, we get them the results they are looking for. The magic happens when we can make an emotional connection with viewers that allows the message to stick. Clients have described our films as authentic and memorable. 

Our tools.

At Sea Legs Media we are fully equipped to produce high quality videos. We use cinema-grade HD cameras and lens with the capacity for producing film in 4k. Professional lighting and sound equipment are essential components of every production. As needed we will utilize aerial videography. Most of the time we operate as a two-person crew, but depending on the complexity of the shooting schedule we will bring in additional support staff. In this way we take a low-impact approach to production that allows for filming in dynamic environments.

Our fans.

"Sea Legs Media seamlessly balances professionalism and organization with passion and fun. They took our thoughts, added their own creative flavor. They were willing to work with high school students on the film, an unusual request that they accommodated flawlessly." - Elizabeth Freese, Polk County Prevention Coordinator

"You guys got some mad skills!" - Bryce Peterson, Marketing Manager at Valley Credit Union