Well told stories engage hearts and minds,
motivating viewers to take action.

Beyond our commercial work, we love to partner with non-profit organizations, capturing their passion, and sharing the inspiring stories that communities need to hear. Since 2013 we have helped non-profits raise more than $1,000,000. Successful fundraising relies on great communication. Too often, well-intended efforts to share the vision or make an informed ask fall flat. Sometimes organizations rely on the wrong people to communicate. Other times the message is unclear or inconsistent. Worse, some fail to communicate with emotion, leaving audiences uninspired and unimpressed.

We can help you reach your fundraising goals.

Be clear, consistent, and concise. When you work with us to communicate through film you can carefully craft your message. And you can deliver the same powerful presentation every time.

Connect and Inspire. Beyond traditional PowerPoint presentations filled with graphs and charts there is another place where your potential donor lives.  That place is the world of human relationships and shared life experiences. Film can relay story like no other medium. With careful planning, precise shot execution, and thoughtful editing you can connect to your audience and motivate your viewers to take action.

Get your message to more people. Through social media platforms you can now reach your target audience like never before. Smart content can move people to get behind great causes and become donors. In the best-case scenarios you can convert fans to advocates who help you reach more people by sharing your content in their networks. 

Click on the images below to see how we've helped non-profits get results.

*It's important to note that video assets were not solely responsible for the success of the above campaigns, but in each case they served as a featured and critical component.


Fundraising Production Packages Include:

  • A 3-5 minute fully produced original video designed to communicate vision and inspire giving
  • Consultation on strategy for video release/premier
  • Consultation on leveraging your media beyond the premier event utilizing social marketing & ad buys
  • Ongoing campaign support via email