ROI MAtters


Meals on Wheels: My Lifeline // Marion-Polk Food Share // May 2015

The Objective: Our friends at Marion Polk Food Share wanted to produce a film that would communicate the vital importance of their Meals on Wheels program and inspire giving at the benefit event.

Creative Solution: This project didn’t allow for any pre-screening or pre-filming location scouting.  We were going in blind with no idea what to expect. Joyce was a gem. She was vibrant and full of colorful side-stories. But as we let her drift she got comfortable. We found our way back to the meals program and discovered her real passion for the service. Our approach was to win the audience over early, make an emotional connection, and motivate giving.

Results: Immediately following the showing of the film at their 2015 Plate Expectations event a special appeal and paddle raise generated $15,000 in new support for the Meals on Wheels program, nearly 3 times that of previous years.

The audience laughed, cried, and burst into applause after watching Joyce’s story.  It was a beautiful video and perfectly summed up the importance of Meals on Wheels. I know the challenge that this video posed.  Your work was masterful and we are very grateful.”
- Heather McPherson, Director of Development, MPFS

“Gift Insurance” // SLAB Handcrafted Soap Company // December 2014

The Objective: SLAB was looking for a way to engage customers and increase sales during the holiday season. Well aware of the volume of ads coming at consumers during the season SLAB commissioned us to produce something that would stand out.

Creative Solution: On a shoestring budget and tight timeline we hustled to recreate a scene from 1982ish. Pulling the insurance salesman thread and pushing the real value of bulk soap orders we discovered something special.

Results: Using targeted Youtube ads we were able to command nearly 8,000 views of the video in less than two weeks. In conjunction with a “Gift Insurance” email campaign, online sales during the month of December increased 400% over the previous year.

Polk County Teen Myths // Polk County Prevention // May 2015

The Objective: Polk County’s Alcohol and Drug Prevention program staff reached out to us with a challenging idea. They wanted a film that would engage local youth and successfully deliver a positive-norms message about drug use in Polk County.

Creative Solution: Early on we realized the value of allowing students to shape and participate in this project. They knew their peers – our target audience – better than we did. Dipping into the creative well we found our way to a concept that would allow students to have a lot of control over the project as well as maximize their involvement in it. Taking a micro-documentary approach we developed a “film-within-a-film” and recruited 12 students from Central High School in Independence to help make it happen. Six weeks of pre-production planning led to a single afternoon of run-and-gun filming on campus that culminated in an epic food fight.

Results: Within a week of posting the short film on their Facebook page, the Polk County Prevention video reached 24,000 people as compared with previous posts that were averaging 123 people.  During the same time the video received over 13,000 views and was shared 74 times.

"Sea Legs Media seamlessly balances professionalism and organization with passion and fun. They took our thoughts and added their own creative flavor. They were willing to work with high school students on the film, an unusual request that they accommodated flawlessly."
Beth Freese, Polk County Prevention Coordinator