Minto Island Growers: Introducing Oregon Tea Crafters

In January of 2014 we began working with Minto Island Growers, a small-scale certified organic farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  In close collaboration with the owners, we produced a short film designed to raise awareness and educate local tea enthusiasts about organic tea products being offered under their new Oregon Tea Crafters brand.  The film is featured on the home page of the Oregon Tea Crafters website. Complexities of the production included outdoor interviews with extremely busy farm operators and filming tea picking crews and the tea processor. 

Oregon Fruit Products: Brewmasters Meet the Fruitmasters

Between February and April of 2014, we produced a film for Oregon Fruit Products. The goal was to introduce the company’s fruit purees to small-batch brewers and to educate them about the benefits of the products at a national brewing conference. The film was produced in collaboration with Breakside Brewing. One of the many complexities of this production included shot execution in a space-limited, light-limited, time-critical brewing environment alongside the brewer.