Stories that Matter


Over the past 5 years we’ve produced a ton of film projects, but ultimately we want to make more films that matter. Through our experience we know that good storytelling has the ability to cultivate meaningful ideas and encourage new perspectives. As we've honed our filmmaking skills we've also realized the importance of using our tools responsibly. For us, it always comes back to diverse human stories that challenge us and our audiences to maybe feel and think just a little bit differently.

So we’ll continue to pour our energy into helping our clients reach their audiences, but we’ll also take every new opportunity to grow beyond commercial filmmaking in a way that impacts the world around us. No matter where we go or what we do, our best work will reflect a commitment to causes that give power to the powerless and seek to root out injustice in all it's forms.

Nope, we're not perfect and we don't claim to see the issues perfectly, but we will use the tools we have, to try and do what's right.