Stories that Matter

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Activism & Art


We produce a lot of different kinds of media, but ultimately we just want to make films that matter. Through our experience we know that good storytelling has the ability to nudge viewers toward change. For us, it always comes back to diverse human stories that challenge us and our audeinces to maybe feel and think a little differently.

We find ourselves living and operating this company in a unique time in history. With the battle for American democratic ideals once again at a fever pitch, and with so much at stake we've decided to become better listeners; to practice empathy; to be a company that stays "woke" in turbulent times.

So we're driven to throw in our lot with the underclass and the underdogs, with those misunderstood and pushed aside. We're compelled to stand with those who take a knee and mobilize to help those from "shithole" nations as we can.

Our best work will reflect a commitment to local, national, and international causes that give power to the powerless, that seek to root out injustice in all it's forms, that defend human dignity and offer hope to humanity.

Nope, we're not perfect and don't claim to see the issues perfectly. But we will use the tools we have, in the time we have it, to try and do what's right.